Chiropractic For The Whole Family

Chiropractic For The Whole Family

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Chiropractic For All

When you think of a typical chiropractic patient, who do you picture? What are their symptoms? How old are they?

Chiropractic is great for a variety of symptoms (just look at who we help), and a variety of ages. The O’Neills saw the benefits of chiropractic for the whole family. Presenting with a variety of symptoms, they followed their treatment allowed them to remain active and healthy, as a family!

The O’Neills

“Coming to Casey Chiropractic was one of the most proactive, health-forward decisions my family made. My husband, Casey, and I were both suffering from back issues and other various maladies, and had not really been making our health a priority, instead focusing on treating symptoms rather than root causes of various aches. When a family member suggested that Casey see a chiropractor, he was initially hesitant, but figured if adjustments helped, it was better than dealing with chronic pain. Within the first couple of visits, he began to see improvements in his pain and increased mobility. I then decided to see chiropractic care for myself, and quickly noticed that the frequency and severity of my headaches decreased, and my lower back was no longer so sore that I had trouble getting a full night’s sleep. Soon after I began treatment, we brought our son, AJ, to get adjustments of his own to help manage his frequency nosebleeds and ear infections. Our adjustments, coupled with healthier food choices and increased physical actives – in part due to the ability to move more freely as a direct result of chiropractic care – have helped us maintain active lifestyles. Casey is able to play baseball on a men’s league team; AJ is a three-sport athlete, participating in football, basketball and baseball; and I am a runner who’s completed over 150 races in four years, running an average of 25 miles a week.

We’re grateful to Dr. Casey and the entire Casey Chiropractic team for their attentiveness, care and dedication to their patients’ well being!

-The O’Neills
Michele, Casey and AJ

The Whole Family

Consider Chiropractic not just for you, but the whole family! Like the O’Neill’s, a whole family can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle together with chiropractic treatment.

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