Chiropractic Testimonials

"Before receiving chiropractic care, I lived a totally different life. My pain kept me sedentary, unable to do the things I wanted to do, unable to enjoy the things I wanted to enjoy. After undergoing care at Casey Chiropractic, I now can live my life to the fullest.

Not only am I able to go hiking and do the things I enjoy, but my overall quality of life has improved. My allergies, which crippled me for years despite a variety of treatments, decreased. My energy is higher. My recovery time from physical activity has increased. Without chiropractic care, I would not live the life I live now, the life I want to be living. It has helped me in not only my personal life, but also my professional life. I highly recommend Dr. Casey to anyone who not only wants to get out of pain, but also start living and enjoying their life to the fullest."

- Rob S.

"All staff members I have met have been very caring and courteous. Dr. Casey has been excellent. He recognized the significant pain I was in at the very first appointment and made it possible to expedite the reading of the x-ray and start the treatment immediately. I am very pleased with my experience thus far."

- Magdalene F.

"Very professional and staff seems passionate about providing quality chiropractic care. Visits have been a pleasure."

- Phillip S.

"Very friendly staff. Dr. Casey communicates extremely well. I have confidence he can help me."

- Daniel D.

"I was diagnosed with IBS in the fall of 2012 and was on prescription medication for the previous 3 years. I came into Casey Chiropractic for lower back pain in early 2013. After almost a year in the practice I can say that not only is my lower back pain gone, but the holistic effect of the treatments on my IBS. I haven’t been on medication for the last year. Furthermore, I came in during the year with a shoulder injury due to sports, and Dr. Casey had me back with full mobility in my arm in 10 days."

- Adam D.

"Great practice have seen health benefits for my entire family"

- Donna K.

"I have been really pleased with everything."

- Anthony G.

"My overall experience was excellent. I did not expect much could be done with my lower back and shoulder without surgery. I was happily proven wrong!"

- Ted B.

"Before I started chiropractic care, I thought it was normal to not be able to move and to have back and neck pain. Now I'm active, I can do what i want when I want. I can move without pain!"

- Peggy N.

"I had low back pain for years that kept me from doing the activities that I love to do. Since I started care with Dr. Casey, I feel better and I can even ski with my kids!"

- Shelly M.

"I came to Casey Chiropractic with low back pain and since receiving care from Dr. Casey the back pain has gone away! Bending over is easy and I can stand without having any pain. I also have soreness in my elbows and with adjustments that has gone away too! Since maintaining my adjustments, I’ve been getting less sinus infections. Overall, I feel much better since receiving chiropractic care!"

- Jackie S.

"I used to have migraines 3 to 4 times a week before getting chiropractic care. Since I’ve been getting adjusted by Dr. Casey I don’t get migraines anymore! I get my neck, back, shoulders, hips and knees adjusted, this helps me move with less pain in my everyday activities and makes me feel better overall! The staff is always friendly and welcoming!"

- Mark R.

"I have been coming to Casey Chiropractic for a few years now for neck and back pain and vertigo. They are always accommodating! I like the idea of correcting a problem rather than cover it up with medication."

- Holly P.

"My experience with Casey Chiropractic has greatly exceeded my expectations. Dr. Casey is amazing, he not only fixes the problem but he takes the time to thoroughly explain exactly what the problem is and what he is doing to address it. Samantha, Kali and Michelle are the most pleasant office staff that I have ever dealt with. I had my first appointment within the same week that I called. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Casey to everybody I know!"

- Megan P.

"I came into Casey Chiropractic, hopping and limping. After 2 weeks of active care, I could walk without pain and drive to work without feeling like my hip bones were rubbing against my other bones. It’s been a wonderful experience, especially to have the doctor ask how you’ve been feeling and to know that he is actually listening! The staff is the friendliest of any doctor’s office I’ve every visited. They all treat you like a person, not just a medical problem."

- Joan H.

"The first time I was skeptical and unsure of that was going to happen. I was looking for a one time magic relief. After seeing the xrays, I could understand much more that I needed this treatment. After the first week, I could feel some relief and I feel like there is bigger improvement after every adjustment. Most important is the friendly and caring staff, they are always smiling and ready to help!"

- Jeff P.

"Every time I come, it has been a very good experience. Dr. Casey is a very experienced, caring chiropractor and very thorough. He is a true healer and wants to see you get well. I highly recommend him to all my friends. The staff is excellent, the office runs very smoothly and everyone is on the ball. I never have to wait and they are efficient and friendly and are always smiling!"

- Michelle L.

"I may have been skeptical at first but the results have made me a believer. I have been coming to Casey Chiropractic for 2 years now and feel better after each adjustment! It has been a very positive experience!"

- Peter F.

"My whole family comes to Casey Chiropractic, we all look forward to our adjustments and the relief it provides! Dr. Casey is very attentive to his patients and takes the time to discuss our problems and concerns!"

- Keith E.

"Dr. Casey gives personalized and professional care! He always responds to my questions with explanations that I can understand. The office has a friendly atmosphere and the staff are always willing to help with reserving appointments and any paperwork!"

- Marla C.

"My 7 month old son was having stiffness in his back and neck, limiting his range of motion. He was also suffering from eczema. After several adjustments with Dr. Casey, he began to move better and his eczema has cleared up drastically! He seems much more happy!"

- Kerstin G.

"The office staff are very professional. Dr. Casey listened to what my problems were and focused in on those problems. Since coming to Casey Chiropractic, I have had no more pain in my shoulders and feel less stress!"

- Scott S.

"Finding Casey Chiropractic has been a blessing for my family and I! I found Dr. Casey after having an unsuccessful experience with another chiropractor. I felt better instantly! My 2 children continue to see Dr. Casey for well visits and I even convinced my skeptical husband to give it a try and he hasn’t looked back! Dr. Casey’s caring staff make it a place you will be happy to come back to over and over!"

- Jen T.

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