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Who Benefits from Chiropractic Care?

  1. Teachers: Teaching can put a lot of physical and emotional stress on the body— just ask any teacher you know.
  2. People who sit at work: Sitting has been described as the new smoking. Sitting for long periods of time causes increased stress on the joints of your low back and neck and can lead to decreased productivity.
  3. Civil Servants: Police officers, firefighters, people who deliver mail; these people work in all types of conditions that can put a physical toll on their body.
  4. Moms: From lifting young children to coming home from work and completing housework and playing with kids on the floor, moms perform many different activities that put the body under high physical demand.
  5. People who have to lift at work: Construction workers, linemen, mechanics; help your body perform better and recover faster from the daily grind you put your body through.
  6. Athletes: If you go to the gym when you can, run every day, or play a competitive sport, get the most and the best out of your body through chiropractic care

When You Need Chiropractic!

  1. When you can’t sit at work: If you find yourself having to constantly shift or stand up and move because of low back pain, chiropractic can help you! Don’t lose focus or productive time at work from your pain.
  2. If you have headaches: Headaches can keep you from enjoying time with your family and friends or doing the things you enjoy. They are most often successfully treated through chiropractic care.
  3. If you can’t sleep at night: Having difficulty falling asleep because of constant pain throughout the day? Waking up in the middle of the night, or waking up with increased stiffness and pain? It’s time to see a chiropractor.
  4. If you can’t enjoy your free time: Do headaches, mid or low back pain keep you from going on a weekend adventure? Maybe you go, but the whole time you are thinking about how much something hurts—or will hurt tomorrow. Don’t let pain slow you down.
  5. If you are putting off housework: Has that major project you kept pushing off due to your pain finally need to get done? What about avoiding daily chores like dishes or vacuuming because it can increase your pain?
  6. If you can’t enjoy family time: Do your kids want to play with you after work, but you don’t have the energy? If you’ve been looking forward to a family outing, but have to put it off again because of a migraine or back pain, get to a chiropractor today.

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