Case Study: Jon W

Case Study: Jon W

Chiropractic Colchester CT Low Back Pain

Another Option- Avoid Surgery or Drugs:

Jon presented to our practice after being told by multiple doctors he had no other choice besides surgery or pain management. After gathering a history and doing an initial evaluation, Jon began treatment. His treatment included chiropractic adjustments to both his spine, knee, and supportive therapies. Jon stayed committed and got his care the way it was designed for him, let him share his results.

“About 1.5 years ago, I made my first Chiropractic appointment, in many years. I went years just dealing with back and knee pain from a severe injury. It kept me from doing all the things I used to love. With doctors saying the only way to have a chance to feel better was with surgery, but due to my age, recommended waiting and just to take pain killers to deal with it. I felt that there had to be another way to feel better without going through all that. After starting the path of chiropractic, I could really notice a difference. I was slowly able to start doing the things I love again. My back pain was getting better and for the first time in a long time, my knee wasn’t throbbing in pain after walking all day. With my therapy, I started feeling completely like my old self. Chiropractic has changed my life and allowed me to have my old life back, filled with all the activities I always enjoyed. There was another answer out there and I found it with Dr. Stamatiou and Dr. Casey!”


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