The Difference Between Back Cracking And An Adjustment

The Difference Between Back Cracking
And An Adjustment

Chiropractor Adjusting A Patient

Cracking your own back and getting a chiropractic adjustment in Colchester may sound similar however, they are two very different things. When you crack your back, nothing in your body is actually cracking.  The popping sound you hear is from small gas bubbles in your joints. Dynamic changes of pressure within your joints causes these gas bubbles to pop, thus the noise you hear when “cracking” your back.

Chiropractic Adjustment in Colchester CT

This process releases endorphins, giving you feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. This is why cracking your back provides so much relief. However, cracking your back only moves the weakest joints, the joints that are compensating for subluxations, or a misaligned vertebrae in your spine. Although it may feel good, repetitive and habitual back cracking can actually be detrimental to your health. It can stretch the ligaments around the spine, allowing excessive movement, joint instability, and an unstable body which can lead to further injuries. On the other hand, the chiropractor identifies and treats areas of subluxations with adjustments. You may hear the same popping sound during an adjustment, however the outcome is completely different. Instead of moving the weakest joints, the chiropractor at Casey Chiropractic in Colchester encourages proper movement and alignment, leading to stronger, healthier joints.

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