Ways You Can Reduce Neck Pain

Ways You Can Reduce Neck Pain

Muscle tension in your neck and mid back can be a distracting and painful thing. The best way to resolve this is with chiropractic adjustments. Here are some helpful things you can do on your own to help temporarily reduce your neck and mid back pain:

  1. Sit with good posture: Good posture is important to the health of your spine. Head up, chin up but parallel to the ground. Your feet should be uncrossed, planted equally on the ground with heels out slightly in front of your knees. This will help to strengthen the muscles needed to support proper alignment.
  2. Stop looking down: Looking down for long periods of time can lead to poor spinal alignment. When looking at your phone, lift it up to eye level. If at work, try raising your computer screen to be even with your eye line. Looking down, even a little bit, can add up over long periods of time.
  3. Stretch: Gentle stretches such as turning your head as far as you can without pain, and holding it there for 10 seconds, can help relax and strengthen the muscles in the area. Repeating these throughout the day can greatly help.
  4. Ice: If you have a sudden spasm in your neck, most people immediately apply heat to the area. Although heat feels good, it might actually prolong your recovery. Apply ice immediately for 10-20 minutes at a time, then take an hour off. This will help reduce inflammation and spasm which will help you in your recovery.
  5. Relax: Stress can be an aggravating factor in muscle tension. Deep breathing during times of stress and early morning meditation are great ways to help you relax and reduce muscle tension.

Doing these on your own are great ways to help support the healing in your neck and reduce any pain. The best way to resolve your neck is through specific chiropractic adjustments so Click Here to schedule your appointment today and get rid of YOUR neck pain!

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