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We’ve all heard of sciatica before. It is that burning, numbing, or tingling feeling. Usually you feel it in your low back and extends down your legs. You could even feel it in just one leg, or just a portion of one or both legs. It can come on gradually, or come on all at once. Do you ever wonder what causes this pain, or what gives you sciatica?

Sciatica is irritation of the nerve roots in your back that form the much larger Sciatic nerve in your low back and leg. Sciatica can be caused by a variety of things. You can have a disc herniation, putting direct irritation on one of those nerve roots. It can be from degeneration, which decreases the space between the bones in your spine, where the nerve roots exit.

Subluxations, or vertebral misalignments, are also a major cause. Subluxations put pressure on the soft tissue, which puts pressure on those nerve roots that form your Sciatic nerve. Even though you may only feel the symptoms of sciatica in your leg, the problem is coming from your spine!

Chiropractic adjustments help you with your sciatica by helping you to resolve the problem causing it! It will help your body restore proper alignment to your spine, taking the disc or soft tissue irritation off the nerve roots that form the Sciatic nerve. It can help your body slow the process of degeneration, and open up some space for those nerve roots.

Take the first step in getting rid of your sciatica, and taking back your life!

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