Five Points of Wellness

Five Points of Wellness

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Health and Wellness are often used interchangeably, but that’s not exactly right.

Health is a global encompassing of your lifestyle. The terms “good health” or “healthy” mean the absence of any problem or pain, while “bad health” means the exact opposite. Wellness is about maintaining and improving your current state of health. So how do you do this? Well first you need to GET HEALTHY, trying to be well means you need to start at healthy. If you try to become well before being healthy, you are only ignoring potential symptoms or problems. Once you achieve health, or as near normal as possible, top Colchester chiropractor Rebecca Stamatiou provides 5 steps to follow to continue moving forward and becoming well.

Achieving Wellness With Help From Colchester Chiropractor

  1. Meditate/ Work on Mental Health: Mental stressors are a major component that impact your health. If you ignore your mental health, or allow negative thoughts to impact you during your day, it impacts you physically. Making sure you keep a calm and focused mind as free of outside stress as possible is helpful in maintaining your wellness. Meditation is a great way to do that.
  2. Exercise: Motion and activity are key in keeping the joints of your body lubricated, especially in the spine. Again, being healthy before you start is important, as underlying issues can be made worse by activity. However, a healthy person only improves from activity.
  3. Eat Clean: Your body is not only a machine that needs fuel, but also a laboratory. Everything you put in your body from fresh and healthy foods, to the not so healthy foods, will have a positive or negative reaction in your body. Making sure your diet is conducive to a healthy lifestyle is important to maintaining your wellness. (For information about a healthy diet, check out Dr. Casey’s KETO Class)
  4. Treat Traumas: Seems simple right, who wouldn’t go to the hospital after a big car accident? But what about a fender bender? Or a slip and fall on some ice? These “small” events, when left untreated, turn a healthy spine into an un-healthy one and therefore, inhibit wellness. When treated, the healthy person is able to continue improving.
  5. Keep Doing What You Did In The First Place: When someone goes on a weight loss diet, they lose weight, until they go back to eating what they ate before. If you try to add muscle, you need to lift weights and exercise, if you don’t you’ll start to lose muscle. If you want to maintain and improve you need to keep doing what you did. Maybe it requires less time, effort, frequency, but stopping altogether can eventually bring you right back to square one.

There are no short cuts to being healthy.  There are only shortcuts to being un-well. These tips are meant to help you in the continued pursuit of wellness. As the New Year is a few weeks old, it is a great opportunity to work on your health…and wellness.

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-Dr. Rebecca Stamatiou

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