Big Money Or Big Problems

Big Money Or Big Problems

by: Casey Chiropractic

Embrace Your Inner Wisdom

We hold tremendously beneficial wisdom inside every one of us.  When we stop a moment to recognize it, it can shift our perspective in powerful ways.  Inside of our body, as well as in life, most of our most precious and valued possessions are fragile.  An obvious example is when our children are first born, the newborn baby is both adored by all and extremely vulnerable.  Inside our bodies, the most important tissue we have, our brain and nervous system, is a soft spongy tissue made of nerve cells that have limited ability to divide and reproduce - they have to last an entire lifetime.  They are both critical and fragile.

A common assignment for high schoolers and young adults is to have a doll that they carry for weeks on end to simulate the demands of having the responsibility of a newborn.  They are told to carry it at all times, and care for it like a real human newborn, to learn just how demanding the task is.  A newborn does, however, eventually grow up.  Imagine if the assignment was to carry a network of delicate, spongy tissue that is approximately 5-6' tall, has vast branches of smaller fibers attached to it, and it never grows up and moves away.  This is a substantially difficult task.  It needs to be cared for properly until old age or otherwise disastrous consequences occur.

You are the qualified guardian of your body.  Some parts are extremely durable and tough, while others are soft and delicate.  Both are extremely valuable. Your chiropractor is dedicated to helping you keep the tough, bony spine in great shape, so that your soft, 'helpless as a newborn' nervous system has the right carrying case - to last a lifetime.

"Don't Make Your Chiropractor Say 'Yikes!'"

This is a series that covers the worst postural habits that many people are doing every single day and causing themselves all sorts of problems - often without knowing it. This one is super simple to fix, but can contribute to all kinds of problems for guys that do it regularly.  This one is mainly for the fellas, and this bad habit is sitting on your wallet.  For chiropractors, and those in the know, this is a no-no for sure.  The thing is, most guys that sit on their wallet do it all the time, maybe even for hours and hours a day every single day.

Sitting on your wallet makes the sitting that you do exponentially worse for you. It un-levels and imbalances your pelvis and lower back, all parts of what is commonly referred to as your core.  A helpful visual for this is to look at your pants if you have this habit, or someone that does.  What you will see if you look closely is that over time the pressure of the wallet actually causes the material of the pocket to fade in color and to get deformed.  You can easily imagine how this same pressure deforms the structures of the core, such as ligaments, muscles and the joints of the pelvis and low back.  Your chiropractor wants the best for you, and that doesn't include slowly breaking down your low back sitting on one of your most precious possessions.

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